What is codoc

codoc is a service that allows you to charge your articles and monetize them by pasting tags. We also support content sales and subscription sales.

Pasting tag for monetizing digital content

By pasting the codoc tag on your site with WordPress or blog service, you can quickly introduce the content distribution and paywall systems.

Seamless payments

A Paywall is a system for monetizing digital content, displaying content only to purchasers. With a simple paywall that easily matches the site, audiences can enjoy browsing without the hassle of authentication, membership registration, and card payment procedures.


Email Authentication

Confirmation of the registered Email address is necessary for smooth support after purchase. Please check the mailbox you are using and ask for authentication from the body of the email. There is no effect on browsing the content.

About Returns

You cannot return digital contents you purchased.

Personal Information that can be viewed by the creator

Creators can only acquire the names registered in codoc.

They cannot get your Email address but It is possible to indirectly send an email to the purchaser using the message function.


About Daily Subscription

We do not support.

About Cancellation Of Subscription

After cancellation of subscription, you wouldn't be charged. The subscription is valid until the next scheduled renewal date. You can browse the contents.

Credit Card

Supported Card Brands

VISA, Master, American Express, JCB, Diners, DISCOVER Debit and prepaid cards from supported card brands are also available.

About Your Card Information

It is not saved in codoc but is saved in Stripe, which is used as a payment system.

Registration of multiple cards

We do not support.


Deactivate Membership

Purchased content cannot be viewed after deactivating. Your subscription will be automatically canceled. Audiences will not be able to view all content.


What Is Subscription

Purchase one content to view paid content, or purchase a subscription associated with some contents. You will be able to view all the associated content by purchasing a subscription.

About the period
  1. Bulk

    • You can see all the associated content with one charge.
  2. Monthly Subscription

    • Billing is done monthly starting from the purchase date, and you can read all the related articles.
  3. Free Trial

    • Free trial will start and you will be able to see all the associated content. Billing will be done when the free trial is over. If you cancel before the end of the free trial, you will not be charged.
    • At the start, the specified amount will be settled for confirmation, but an immediate refund will be processed.
  4. Annual Subscription

    • Billing is done yearly starting from the purchase date, and you can read all the related articles.